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This Smudge kit includes:

1 abalone shell with wooden stand
2 palo santo sticks
2 california white sage smudge sticks


Burning sage is said to be a Native American practice. It is a ritual which is believed to cleanse your body and your space over which you are burning sage. Depending on which school of thought you are hearing it from, sage does some wonders such as dispelling negative energy or getting rid of the bacteria in the air,...

There are plenty of benefits to burning palo santo incense sticks year-round, including inspiring creativity, treating physical ailments like asthma and headaches, removing bad energy, and welcoming love and good fortune into our lives, but there’s something uniquely special in using the sacred wood...

Abalone shells also bestow strength and the characteristic of perseverance. This is as symbolic as it is literal, as these shells do an incredible job of protecting sea creatures within them who would be exposed, vulnerable and easy picking to predators without them.

White sage, Palo Santo & Abalone shell smudge kit

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